Updated on Tuesday, January 05, 1999 2:47:14 PM
Adding another addition to the "New and Upcoming Authors" section: Brandon D. Ray, who began writing X-Files fanfiction in September 1998.
I added a URL jumper within this page which will take you anywhere you want to go on the internet with the appopriate URL.
Updated on Tuesday, January 05, 1999 8:44:36 AM
Due to the holidays and illness, I have not had a chance to update this page or finish the redesign of it in the timely matter that I was hoping for. But it will be done as soon as possible. This page as well as my X-Treme Philes' Favorite Episode and Quote Poll are currenly my top web site priorities.
I have updated the "New and Upcoming Authors" section.
    Melissa Lee's (otherwise known as The X-Girl) URL. She has expanded her one novel page into a growing archive page for all of her fanfic.
    I have added another author to this section. A magazine editor in San Francisco, Terma99 began writing X-Files fanfic shortly after the movie. In her personal introduction, entitled Who is Terma99?, she says: "I couldn't stand the UST anymore after The Movie came out and finally turned to fanfiction in desperation." She has written Case file stories as well as MSRs.
Thanks to your fanfic poll responses, I am adding another author homepage: Crash, whose stories are for mature adult audiences only.
Updated on Sunday, December 13, 1998 12:09:09 AM
As you can see, I have not finished my image map or the layout of this page yet! Your patience is very much appreciated! However, I did redesign my Banner for this page.
Another addition to the New and Upcoming Authors: Erin M. Blair. Erin began writing X-Files Fanfiction in April of this year. Welcome to the X-Files Fanfiction Community!
Besides the E-Mail X-Creative Mailing List, another Mailing List is THE X-ANARCHY PEN (XAPEN): An Alternative X-Files FanFiction Mailing List @ eGroups.com. This mailing list attempts to retain X-File Fanfiction Authors' creative freedom of expression by allowing any type of X-Files Fanfiction to be posted. In order to subscribe to XAPEN @ eGroups, you must be a registered member of eGroups.com, which as its name implies is an e-mail group web site and allows messages to be accessed via e-mail, on the Web, or in digests.

If you are not an eGroups member:
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  3. ALL REGISTERED eGroups members can join XAPEN @ eGroups.com here.
If you are an eGroups member already, you can join XAPEN @ Egroups.com here.

Once you have become a member of eGroups.com, you can add other e-groups such as MSRfanfic or Scullyfic(BTW Jill Selby is list adminstrator of Scullyfic). To sign up for other E-groups like these use the "Search" query to find X-File and/or Fanfiction related e-group pages. If you know the E-group page you can use the "Go To" query function. However, not all e-groups require you to be a registered member (i.e. MSRFanfic is open to everyone).
Updated on Sunday, December 06, 1998 5:58:19 PM
Added my GuestPhile Book for my fellow fanficaholics. The collaged picture which I manipulated even further in the GuestBook is from Erin's X-File Collaged Pictures. Erin is a master at creating collages and manipulated pictures. You can access all of her masterpieces at her website: E's X-Page.
Added The X-File FanFicaholics Anonymous Forum, an open forum to post messages about this page or anything having anything to do with fanfiction!
This Fanfiction page has taken on a life all of its own!! I meant for this only to be a simple links page with the best X-File Fanfic Authors out there. Fortunately, it's evoloving into something more prominent. As you browse through this page you will find a lot of information. It seems long and cramped, huh? Hopefully, during the course of this week that will eventually change. I plan to create a graphical image map to link the different sections to their own pages, alleviating the problem and adding more organization.
Updated on Saturday, December 05, 1998 7:22:03 PM
Shalimar has updated her page! Chapters 25 and 26 are up for our angsty reading pleasure!
Updated on Saturday, December 05, 1998 6:07:53 PM
Added alt.tv.x-files.creative, a newsgroup or an open forum in which X-File fanfiction can be posted and read. Discussions on fanfiction itself and questions authors may pose for the purpose of research also are posted. I Also added The alt.tv.x-files.creative FAQ for anyone who writes fanfic and would like to post their stories or anything otherwise related to x-files fanfiction at this newsgroup. Without a newsreader, you will not be able to access this newsgroup through your browser or any other newsgroup for that matter. If you do not have one, you can access the newsgroup at Deja News, a website that offers easy access to newsgroups. For more info, scroll down to alt.tv.x-files.creative.
Added a link to my X-Treme Philes Favorite Episodes and Quote Poll and my e-mail address link!
Updated on Saturday, December 05, 1998 12:21:36 AM
Two new additions to New and upcoming authors: The X-Girl's 'Despondency' and Dawn McGlothin's Dark Journies. Welcome to the X-File Fanfiction community!
Welcome Back, Karen!! If you are a fan of Karen Rausch or love MSR/angsty novels, check out Karen's fanfic.
More poll responses have led to 3 more author pages: Stacey Oziel a.k.a. CleverGrrl, Rivka T, and Madeleine Partous. Per one fanfic reader's suggestion, I wanted to add Joann Humby. Unfortunately, she does not have her own author page. I e-mailed Ms. Humby and although she doesn't have her own page, you can access her stories at the Gossamer Archive at http://gossamer.x-philes.com/html/author-h-4.html.

The URL Jumper

Type in any URL in the form box and then click "Go!" to be whisked away to another X-File Fanfic related site!

Author Homepages

The Gossamer Archive at http://gossamer.x-philes.com
The reason why I am not providing a link is because The Gossamer Project prohibits mirroring without permission. I am in the process of trying to get permission to provide a link on this site.


Leyla Harrison

Kelli Rocherolle

Karen Rausch
Welcome Back, Karen!!!! After a hiatus from her beloved site, she is finally back! Definitely one of the best writers in X-File Fanfiction. But don't take my word for it, check it out yourself. I recommend her "Words" Series.

Paula Graves

Punk Maneuverability

Lydia Bower

Soul's Decision

If you love Angst (this is an Angst-fest), enjoy novels/ongoing serials, and are eligible to read NC-17, I highly recommend Five years and One Night. Chapters 25 and 26 have finally arrived!


Dawson Rambo

Jill Selby

Shannon O'Connor

Deborah Wells

Stacey Oziel a.k.a. CleverGrrl

Rivka T

Madeleine Partous

Joann Humby *No author homepage*
Access stories at the Gossamer Archive at http://gossamer.x-philes.com/html/author-h-4.html.



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The Annex Novel Archive

The EMXC Archive


This newsgroup is an open forum in which X-File fanfiction can be posted and read. Discussions on fanfiction itself and questions authors may pose for the purpose of research also are posted.
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If you do not have a newsreader, you will not be able to access the newsgroup through your browser. Deja News, a website that provides easy access to newsgroups (it's a web-based newsreader), is the easiest way to access this newsgroup as well as other X-File newsgroups. Its a free service and all you have to do is Register to become a My Deja News member.

New and Upcoming Authors

Brenna Dykta
Melissa Lee
A.K.A. The X-Girl
Dawn McGlothin
Erin M. Blair
Brandon D. Ray

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