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 Welcome X-Treme Philes!!!
This is my first official update! Although I do realize that your X-Treme Access is pretty limited right now, I hope you are enjoying what is up so far. I am working as fast and as hard as I can. Now if my job would stop getting in my way!!

Access begins here! Its very much like a site map with descriptions of each page on this website. It also lets the X-Phile know which pages are active or inactive due to major construction.

 X-Treme Fun
Currently, I have only one page that is up: Top Ten Inspired by David Letterman's Top Ten list with an X-Files twist. The current list showcases "The Top Ten Ways to Beat X-Files Withdrawal Syndrome" By J.Torres.

  Message Center
A wonderful place that gives X-Philes a "voice" over the internet. Ask a question, post an opinion, or find out what others are thinking. The most important rule: It has to be X-Files related.

 GuestPhile Book
This is my take on the Guestbook; unfortunately, it's not working correctly.

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  More X-Treme Fun

More Top Ten Lists
X-Treme Phile Challenge (Trivia, Crossword Puzzles, etc.)
Simpson Crossover
Comics & Cartoons
Multimedia (Since this is listed under X-Treme Fun, I will showcase blooper MPEGS, blooper wavs, and funny pics (most of which are manipulated)
A song archive of songs that reminds us of the X-Files or certain characters

  The Real X-Files
This is my tribute to the paranormal, conspiracies, and the unexplained. My first articles will be on "The Bermuda Triangle", "Time Travel", and "Area 51 and Roswell"

  Tag Lines
I am creating a collage that will showcase ALL tag lines used in the show and movie. I will list the ones I have remembered in a post on the Message Center, and please feel free to reply to the post if I have forgotten any of them. I will also provide a backstory article for each of the tag lines. I also need to design a button for this new page also since as you will notice there is no "Tag Lines" button on the main page

I am going to work on this section tonight...It will include general XF links, character links, Shipper & Fanfiction links, and sources I've used to obtain information and graphics