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Glowing Top Ten Title

David Letterman
Whenever you hear "The Top Ten", what is the first thing that pops in your head? The obvious answer would be David Letterman and his now infamous Top Ten List. Philes around the world have turned The Top Ten into an online phenomena with a science all their own: The Top Ten X-Files style.This section showcases one of those Lists and will eventually provide an archive and links to further satisfy the X-Treme Philes.

Gillian Anderson presents The Top Ten on Letterman
Since David Letterman is the King of Top Ten Lists, I thought it be best to start off with him. Here is a video from his show , "Late Night With David Letterman", featuring Gillian Anderson, who portrays our Beloved Scully (as if you did not know that..), assisting Letterman in presenting the Top Ten Things that the Government does not want you to know. It is in .mov format. So without further adieu...From the Home Office in Wahoo, Nebraska , it's the Top Ten List for May 11, 1998....

Is everyone getting as restless as I am waiting for November 8, 1998 (For those of you who have been in hibernation: November 8th is the premiere of The X-Files' 6th Season)? I believe this is the first symptom of "X-Files Withdrawal Syndrome". So what's a Phile to do? Check out this Top Ten list for a few creative ideas to overcome this horrible disease.

The Top Ten Ways to Beat X-Files Withdrawal Syndrome
By J.Torres
10. Put masking tape X's in every window of your house.

9. Take up chain smoking.

8. Dye your hair until it's too red.

7. Tattoo your body like a jigsaw puzzle.

6. Read great works of literature such as Moby Dick, Brothers Karamazov, Breakfast at Tiffany's, From Outer Space...

5. Vacation in sunny Quonochontaug, Rhode Island.

4. New exercise routine: late night jogs through damp, dark forests.

3. Walk around in nothing but a trenchcoat.

2. Forget Camp Granada, go to Camp Quantico instead for a government sanctioned fun-filled summer of target practice, observing autoposies, and unimaginative tie design making.

1. Buy yourself a brand new pair of red Speedos to sport at the beach!