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Muzak Nominations

Welcome to Shippertown's Muzak Nominations Page! Just fill out the form below and your song nomination will be processed A.S.A.P. Fill in as much information as possible; I will fill in any blanks with the online resources available to me. If you have any problems sending the information via this form, you can e-mail the information to me:

E-mail address (in case of questions/comments):

Title of Song:

Written By:

Performed By:


Give me credit for this song nomination??

YES, give me credit for this song nomination and list me as the muzak contributor for this song.
Use this name(screen name, nick name, first name, etc) on the Muzak page:

NO, do not give any credit on the Shippertown Muzak page (Do not post my name, e-mail, screen name, nickname, etc on the Shippertown Muzak pages)


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