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Shipper Style

Have you ever found yourself listening to the radio and all of a sudden, a song comes on the radio, and you realize it's describing the essence of Mulder and Scully's relationship?? Well, if you answered an enthusaiastic "Yes!", then this page is for you!

This portion of the Shippertown web site is dedicated to the songs that embody Mulder and Scully's relationship as envisioned by a Shipper. Lyrics of songs that will make any true Shipper *squidge* with delight! ;-) They are the lyrics that bring the imagery of a romantic relationship between our intrepid duo into focus. Amongst these "Muzak" pages, you will find the song title, artist(s) who wrote and sang the song, the shippy lyrics, and in some cases, a sound file of the clip of the song or a compressed wav of the full song. In addition, I would like to give credit to the song contributors (with the person's permission only).

Nominate a shippy song(s)(or report a lyric error(s))

Browse to your shipper heart's content and enjoy
the sights and sounds of Muzak.

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