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X-Treme Access For X-Treme Philes
An Introduction Into the X-Treme X-Perience

Rohan's X

Welcome to X-Treme Access!! I am the Web Mistress of X-Treme Access and you can call me "MistressX". I hope you enjoy your tour of X-Treme Access and become an X-Treme Phile. This site was born into existence mostly from the urging of many online XF buds who have asked me time and time again, "Why don't you have your own XF web site?"...Well here it is...albeit nowhere close to being finished, but alas here it is... I have outlined below what each of the active links have to offer, which links are under construction and important information on multimedia that appears on this site.

Active Links

GuestPhile Book
This is my version of the mundane GuestBook. It is particularly tailored to fans of the The X-Files. Everything about it is X-File in nature, beginning with the background motif to the questions I present to you (Favorite episode, quote, relationship debate question). I urge each and everyone of you to sign the GuestPhile Book so I can get an idea of who is visiting X-Treme Access. With this invaluable source, I can try to give the X-Treme Philes an X-Treme X-Perience.
Message Center
This is an open forum for anyone who visits X-Treme Access. Got an opinion about something Mulder or Scully said or did, an episode, a spoiler you wish to share, the writers, or anything else that is X-File related, then this is the place for you. Or maybe you've got a question. As your host, I will present my own inquisitive questions, currently I've posted a question on future tag lines.

Unfinished Links

What's New
Information on my updates.
X-Treme Episode Files
Includes Episodic summaries, quotes,and multimedia gallery. Everything will be categorized by episode.
The Real X-Files
Real stories of the Paranormal, Conspiracy Theories, and anything else that can be considered an X-File. I plan to do my first piece on the Roswell Incident and Area 51(which will be a part of the 4th and 5th episodes).
Character Dossiers
Dossiers on Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Walter Skinner, the Lone Gun Men, Present and former Informants, the Consortium, and our favorite Monsters and other X-File Characters.
X-Treme Fun
A place to laugh with (never at!!!) The X-Files: joke lists, comic strips, The Simpson Crossover, Animation, and blooper multimedia (Thank you, XFMMA).
Tag Lines
An examination of tag lines used in the show. I'm in the process of creating a collage featuring these tag lines.
Shippers to the X-Treme
Multimedia (pictures, wavs, and video)
General, Character specific, Paranormal and other Real XF type links, Shipper links, and Fanfiction Links.

Multimedia Formats

Types of Video
.avi, .mov,.mpeg
Types of Audio
.wav,.mp3,.midi, and MPEG Layer- 3
MPEG Layer-3
The technical term for compressed audio format. It's biggest advantage: saves space! It works wonders with large audio files (i.e. full songs or long dialogues). In order to play this type of wav, you need the correct driver codecs installed in your computer. The installation of either an MPEG Player or Microsoft Windows Media Player version 5.01 or later. All wavs on this website will be in this format unless otherwise noted. The MPEG Player is a simple plug that will solve the problem. The Media Player is larger:

Minimal Computer: Pentium 90 MHz with 16 MB of RAM, 16-color display card , 16-bit sound card, 28.8-Kbps modem (optional for local playback), Windows 95 (audio, illustrated audio, and some video).

Recommended Computer: Pentium 120 MHz or better with 32 MB or more of RAM, 256-color display card or better, 28.8-Kbps or better modem card or Ethernet card, Windows 95 or Windows NT Server or Workstation 4.0 with Service Pack 3 (audio, illustrated audio, and video).

The Media Player supports other audio and video streaming formats as well and is a multimedia web surfer's dream (if your computer can handle it).

I have provided links to download either one:MPEG Player or Microsoft Windows Media Player